segunda-feira, outubro 20, 2008

Back to Blogging

Can I do this again? Should I try? Let's give it a shot. Xanga is out. Nobody seems to use it anymore. Blogger is the way to go apparently, especially if you want to give a missionary update and I from here out, declare myself to be a missionary with updates worth reading.... Perhaps. In any case, they're worth writing.

Love. Marriage. Babies. That's kind of how it goes, right? I never thought the path would pass so quickly before me as it has. And who would have thought that my first pregnancy might end. Has it? Not officially, and we all know what the fat lady says (or doesn't say). Hopefully she won't sing. Not now.

The latest news (those far behind will have to go to Facebook posts because there's no daily life blogs here), a friend who's a doctor is going to check out what happened at the doctor's office the Friday before last. This Friday is the deadline for waiting for a miscarriage to pass through. If, by Friday, I still have no symptoms, my friend is arranging an appointment with another doctor. I'm not asking for prophesies-- they really do take me on emotional roller coasters. I accept God's will and have mourned for my child. The hope has not left, but it's being kept under control. I do not want to mourn again for this baby.

But this is my statement before God and before you all. God's will may be for this life or it may be for another. But if there is life within me, if this baby is alive, her name will be Bella Nasyah-- Beatiful Miracle of God.

In other news, I got my hair cut. I know, it's a weird statement to follow up the baby news, but it's true. It's pretty short. But everyone seems to like it. I needed change. I needed freshness.

segunda-feira, fevereiro 04, 2008

The Topic I Rarely Like to Touch

I'm reaching a very grievous point when it comes to politics. What does one do when politics no longer represent? Democrats don't have the answer. Nor do Republicans! So who's representing me? When does the point come where the American people say enough is enough and let's have a little more of that constitutional stuff we originally were based on-- true representation. So far in the latest run, nobody is talking my language and it's the same old Democrat-Republican hodgepodge that keeps our country from being truly good. Truly good how, you might ask? Tell me, how in the world did our country end up supporting those who violate human rights laws? How did our country create fear in those fleeing from poverty to the very dream that our forefathers came to. Our forefathers were lucky enough to come at the right time, I suppose. Too bad some of these chose the wrong century in which to be born. Let's keep our country secure. I'm all about background checks and regulations. But how about being a nation who cares? How about being a nation that defends human rights and cares about people inside and outside of the borders? I know, you may have seen my paper where I admit that there's little a government was ever made to do but to look inwardly, but I suppose that is only the reflection of its people, who apparently continue to look inwardly. At times I am proud to be an American. I just wish that meant that I too could be represented, as someone who cares about both my children and the children under human rights persecution across the world. Is that a possibility?