quarta-feira, março 21, 2007


What do you suppose makes some people spectacular and others just day-to-day average. Does God have those moments of absolute creativity where He creates those truly unique and amazing individuals-- the geniuses, the never-before seen artists. And then the rest of us just live in between the lines? I mean, I meet people and to dig into their minds and get really into the heart of who they are is amazing and interesting and people can listen for hours to whatever they have to say. Most people can barely listen to 5 minutes of what I say and I don't have any other spectacular skill that allows me to say well, they'll see when I submit this mind-blowing proof or when this piece of art is in the museum, this song on the radio, this book a best-seller. I'm not sure that I truly, when I think about it, long for something to put me out in the fore-front of things like that. When you're that great I suppose your faults appear even greater and more obvious. But it does occaisionally pass through my mind that it seems rather unfair that some people can be so spectacular and others must simply be ordinary and invisible. Of course, however, this seems illogical if I actually allow others to think as I do towards other people (it's one thing if you're talking about other people and quite the other if you apply it to me-- is that hypocritical?). I love people. I believe that each person has something special and spectacular. It's just hard to see the spectacular in others and appear so unusually ordinary. What a paradox.

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