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In Stitches: My First Stitch Fix Review

Hello, everyone! And welcome to my first StitchFix review. I will preface everything, saying that I did not exactly know my size. It's been fluctuating quite a bit, so some of the items did run small, but that is not entirely their fault. 

What is StitchFix? It's better than the mall! StitchFix is an online service where a personal stylist looks at your style profile that you fill out when you sign up, your comments that you add to things and (if you add them) to your Pinterest boards, taking into consideration your size and style and putting together 5 items. I pay $20 for the service if I send everything back that month. However, if I decide to keep some of the items sent to me, that $20 is applied towards one of the items. If I decide to keep everything, I get a 25% discount on the final bill. You only pay when you check out, which is AFTER you receive your items. Anything you decide not to keep is put into a pre-prepared postal bag that you just drop off in the mail drop and you are charged only for what you keep. IF you decide not to keep anything (which I imagine is a hard decision, especially as they get to know your tastes better), you pay only the $20 stylist fee. You can schedule to get your "fix" every 2 weeks, every month, every other month, basically, as you wish!

I will also admit, that I forgot to take pictures of the things I'm not keeping! So sorry. Will remember to take some good pictures next time! For now I will try to include some images from pics and places online so you can get a feel for what I got.

Item 1: Prescott Solid Fringe Detail Wrap Scarf Pink
This was super soft and very nice. I don't even have an example picture of it, but it was very large-- large enough to work as a scarf or a full and warm wrap (as indicated in the item description). Unfortunately I can't seem to make scarves work for me, so the $32 for this one wasn't justified, no matter how tempting and soft and pretty it was off of me.

Item 2: Black 41Hawthorn Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer
Perhaps I will get the picture cards into my blog, because I can't seem to find pictures without people for these examples and don't want to run into copyright issues. In any case, it was a one-button basic blazer. The primary reason I didn't keep it was because it was too small, tight around my shoulders. It would probably be fairly cute with the dress they sent or paired with their jeans and a shirt. The whole blazer thing isn't really my style, but that may have changed with the jeans combined with this (if all were in the right size which, again, was my fault). However, at $78, it was a bit much for the risk that I might not use it even if it were my everyday style.

Item 3: Mavi Aiden Skinny Jeans
These were hot. So hot. My husband LOVED these jeans and I did too. I'm still possibly regretting sending them back, while also hoping they send me a size larger in the same pair in the future because these were amazing jeans. I just wasn't sold I could make the muffing top work even with every fat containing garment I own (though I did make it work for a day at home to see if they might grow on me). They could have worked. They were comfy, even though small. Perfectly stretchy and just all-together the best jeans ever. Both my husband and I were tempted to make a size smaller work even at $98, but we hope to have another opportunity with a more perfect size. I plan to invest in a tape measure.

Item 4: Market and Spruce Memphis Lace Overlay Knit Shirt
My least favorite of all I received, even before I tried it on, I had an idea this was not it. The material was super thin and the lace on the front so flimsy I think my daughter might have ripped it if I'd have kept it. Not much more than a gym shirt with some flimsy threads, it was a definite no at $58.

Item 5: Pixley Kathy Striped Fit & Flare Dress
I'm still not positive I don't look fat in this dress, but other times I look at it and I'm not convinced it doesn't make me look skinny. haha. This ended up being a keeper at $68 (which ended up costing $48 when the stylist fee is applied to the order) after approval by my daughter (5 years old) and husband (35). I feel like it will be super cute with a thin black belt. Stripes usually aren't my thing, but looking at my Pinterest, this is pretty much an exact copy of one of my My Style posts. It's great to be able to identify just how they look at your style preferences. On a side note, my huby thinks he's a stylist and wants me to wear this dress with leggings and black boots....

I'm pretty excited to say that I did like my Stitch Fix. What I sent back does not reflect my satisfaction, and for this being the very first, I'm fairly certain this is bound to be a great decision on my part. I can't wait to see what's coming next month and am now on Pinterest updating my board.

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