segunda-feira, junho 06, 2005

The Word

This is the result of an assignment I had for the Theology class I had in Brazil. :)

My favorite name for Christ is actually found in John 1:1, where the writer says that "In the beginning there was the Word." Of all things talked about in Christian settings, the power of the living breathing Word is what astounds me the most. I began college hoping to be a journalist (which changed fairly quickly), and I found in my attempts to describe, communicate, to convey what I feel has always fallen short. But words are often what we have and to have a Word-- a constant, perfect, adequate Word beyond myself and my abilities, a lyric to life, a transcendence, an absolute Word that has always been; all of this just astounds me. To know a God who knows and understands and is the Word, even when I feel uncomfortable, when I can never say what I want people to feel, I believe in His being the Word. He will speak, will use the unusable.

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