segunda-feira, maio 30, 2005


Hmm. Yes, right now let's talk about pressure and family life. How would you feel if a member of your family had problems with several other members of your family? Doesn't effect you? Make you uncomfortable at all? No? Hmm. Interesting. Because I am of the mind that I love my family very much. I love my friends very much. And if they could see each other through my eyes and all hang together, they would see the value of each other. So how much greater and more productive would it be if everyone did this-- through God's eyes? Mine are, I will admit, still no perfect. My eyesight is still out of focus. I guess I need some God glasses. ;) But I do wish that I could follow what I know and that I knew which path to follow. What I know-- that I can't do it by myself and that I cannot make people see through my eyes, let alone through God's. The contradiction or perhaps my part in question-- How can I make them see each other? Can't they see how much it truly and deeply hurts me and effects me? That's right! It effects me that they can't even pretend around me. What's everybody's rush to get into what they think is the real world? And is it the real world or just the harsh reality that they accepted despite the promises of God that say otherwise. I wish I could say this. I wish I had a voice and not a headache. A-eee.

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