quarta-feira, maio 11, 2005

Movie Star

Have you ever looked at yourself or your life and watched as if seeing a movie? I thought of that today while I was moving from job to job and interacting with my co-workers. I was listening to a song which just set the mood and I could see my opening scene. This song played and I moved around my jobs. I would be typing, copying, filing, inserting, but most of the clips were in between. There was a clip of me passing the insert table and exchanging "Hola"s and "Buenas Dias"s. There was a clip of my small exchanges, my smiles-- and no one ever sees me frown. I'm not sad in this movie. I move freely to the background music. My life on the big screen-- why do I feel like nobody is watching? This sounded much more poetic and illustrative in my head as I repeated it during the day. Can you see it? Anyway, it's a good movie I think. Hopefully there's a happy ending.

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