quarta-feira, agosto 24, 2005


To continue from the last post-- Canta, which tells one to sing, I must now talk about the Cancion, the song, the source of the beating of your heart. The very beginning and end of the dance (siting: "Life's a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow). But this beginning-- where is it? What brings this song into the life of each individual? And to tell the truth, I really could not definitely say. Symbolically, the ultimate song is the creator of the song-- the creator of us all, of sound, of instrument, of material and spirit. However, on a more shallow symbolic level, I'd say that the song is very much inspired. Not that the greatest Man ever sent to earth could not be inspiration enough-- only to say that His inspiration is a source from whence other inspirations come. And perhaps this inspiration (that some may say is shallow or whatnot) is truly His mirror. However, we must somehow tap into it. Sure, we may dance, but is that dance not more meaningful when the lyrics are understood? Is the dance not more beautiful when the steps are in line with the beat? The steps are-- not to stretch, but to illustration-- simply a mirror of the beat, and when one steps out of the beat, where is the music? Close your eyes and soak in the music. Sit alone and sense only yourself and the music? Nice, right? Now open them and step in beat-- you, your partner and the music. You've reached the next level-- Bailando.

I'm doing something slightly different with this post and hoping that someone somewhere is reading it and will respond. Do you need explanation? Do you wish to discuss? Before I write any more about the bailando, I want to make sure this is not some far out weird thing that no one really understands. Plus, I'd just like a little discussion to see where this is taking you, where you think it's going and what you think it's talking about. Sometimes explanation limits the reader where this will either confuse you or, as is my hope, allow you to learn and get out of it what you may.
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