terça-feira, agosto 30, 2005

The Search

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I'm taking a break from the previous series to discuss something that has caught me since watching "Love Actually" this morning. I know-- some parts and much of the movie was somewhat.... well... sensor privy, but it did get me thinking. What are our priorities? I just wonder, when you get married, where does your spouse stand in the line of priorities and if that's where she stands then, then why isn't she there now? Why do people not really believe in loving someone for their entire lives, even before meeting or "knowing?" Perhaps there is something inside someone that waits to love. But how can they put it on hold when it will one day hold all of their priorities? How can you not look for that someone you love? When a father is away from his daughter, does he not call her three times every week? Is it possible that people, in fact, do themselves and their future spouses an injustice by saying that, in their lives, they will first do everything and then love will come at the end of it all. As if life was not something to be shared. As if trouble were something to face alone. As if the purpose of marriage were to weigh one down and tie them up for life. And somehow this is supposed to mirror God's love? You know, when these things are said and I nod as if I understand entirely what is going on, I really can't say that I truly understand. In all reality I don't at all. Call me a hopeless romantic, but I have been in love with someone my entire life. Someday soon I will know his face, I will know his name, but in knowing myself and my God, somehow I already know and love him. And while my aim in life at this moment may not be a crazy and desperate search for him, my eyes are open, not closed. And the moments are fluid. I build for myself in hopes of following God's plan and creating the best possible life and path for us all..... Call me hopeless... Call me romantic.....

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