sábado, agosto 11, 2007

The Censored Version

This is the censored version of something close to heart. Perhaps I am writing again.

The Muddy Lyric

Somehow it's me you'd take the time
To bring it out, these words, this rhyme
Yet out of frustration it will come
For risk of sounding really dumb
There's something bout that dark of night
That makes me doubt the wrong and right

So strongly I cling to one sweet voice
That sings to me a different song
That says, my daughter, this will soon pass
In Me your heart cannot go wrong

But do I wait in safety's net
Afraid and scared as always
Will this remain, feelings unmet
As something else rules each step, each phase

I thought I felt, then felt I thought
Then with myself struggled and fought
But if I stay not in this direction
My fear meets faith or faith meets fear
In this strange and confusing intersection

I know it not and may never again
I hold only to the steady
The one tempted by both devil and men
Until He says I'm ready


I've put it all away. All these things I'd put aside for the one who finally wanted to take that time. There were comments from teachers long ago who raved about my thoughts and writing-- yes, those days when each thought recorded some unspoken masterpiece. Awards, comments on papers, momentos of that long lost world that I would always and never go back to. Perhaps one might, in this pile, discover the good and bad of who I was and somehow understand me in a way I never could. But I've put it away now.

It should always be God first-- in all circumstances-- in game, in sport, in job, in laundry, in love. And in God there is peace, which translates to standing somewhere and sticking to it. To gather strength and stop causing confusion. Perhaps I'm thought to be "overspiritualizing" things (and this is where the message lies). I believe strongly of God as the center of EVERY part of my life. A dysfunctional life area is dysfunctional because I have not yet let God there. Heaven is indeed to be in the presence of God and to remain in Him means not to take Him out of situations, but to place Him in the very middle. And I have to trust that he cares enough to speak my language (and to speak yours). If I cannot trust and have him in each part of my life, I can neither have nor trust any human being in that same area.

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