segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2006

Independently Together

I miss romance. The times when people sighed at cheezy lines, felt secure in their lovers' arms. When it was sweet to hold hands and love songs played. Be real, they say. How can they have a love so void of romance? Do they not feel anymore? Has life desensitized them? People don't show love. In fact, they're so careful and protective, at times even with their own spouses, that the strength (though I would, in fact, say weakness) is not in unity but in "secure in yourself" and "independent." Were we meant to go it alone? When were we made to think that passion was taboo, that romance is foolishnes and fantasy, that dreams (the dreams that remain) remain only as dreams? Do we even know how to express love anymore? Have we, in fact, settled for less than the dream has for us? Haven't we lost the value of unity in our search to be independent individuals?

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