segunda-feira, janeiro 30, 2006

To Heather

This was written the day my friend, Heather, died.

There was a sparkle in your eyes
Sometimes I know that it's still there
I search for you in earth and skies
Knowing that finding is future somewhere

You're not lost, not with us crying
We look within our empty selves
Do you feel it's us who are dying??
Thinking that somewhere we'll find your help?

I keep thinking the road is still ahead
That you and I have more travels to take
That someone unknown was in your stead
And the sadness around me is only fake

I truly wish my joy was real
That I could in all honesty say
That the selfishness is not what I really feel
And that I take comfort in our reunion day.

But how does that help me in later years
When my kids don't know you and I can't explain
The wonderful times and occasional tears
That come every time that they mention your name.

Um comentário:

popuri disse...

it must be awful to lose a friend. I had friends who lost their good friends as well. I pray that the Lord will comfort you and give you courage to continue to walk this precious journey of life.